World War Heroes MOD APK 2022 v1.33.3 (Unlimited Money)

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August 3, 2022
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World War Heroes will introduce an intense environment with an intense atmosphere of World War 2, igniting gamers’ enthusiasm when playing online-focused games. Additionally, it features an exciting personal story system that allows players to experience the most tragic and heroic moments of the life of a soldier. Various exciting content will be available to players through every mode or feature that promises to provide the most immersive experiences in WW2-related elements.

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The single-player adventure in World War Heroes will give players a glimpse into the country’s historical background and heroic campaigns during World War 2. It also allows players to change their perspective and objective variety to broaden their gaming experience while generating various tools and exciting discoveries. It also has a heartbreaking narrative that provides players with an understanding of the true significance of a war of massive size.

If you have finished their campaign, then online games provide exciting new experiences that can be enjoyed with your fellow players. The distinctive aspect of online battles is that they introduce distinct and essential elements of a massive battleground, including vehicle defense points, supply points, capture points, and more. Additional content will be added shortly, providing complete entertainment for everyone.


The equipment system of World War Heroes involves a range of items, such as weapons, grenades, as well as numerous other items of support. In addition, various supply points will be scattered across the battlefield, allowing players to modify their equipment as they reappear, bringing the action and excitement to new levels and demonstrating the chaotic nature of online combat. Players can also slowly unlock new weapons and customizations in the future via conflict or the rewards system.

The battlefields in online games are created bizarrely and chaotically to allow players to be more imaginative. Their size is also diverse depending on the city, moving trains, and tiny villages to broaden the players’ experience on various battlefields. Additionally, specific maps provide rich vehicle systems like transport vehicles, tanks, or tanks, making things more chaotic.


The weekly events and activities in World War Heroes are generous and provide plenty of entertainment for the players. Additionally, it lets a group of players cooperate through particular game types, resulting in many attractive prizes to boost the mood or inspire everyone. Based on the specific content, the participant is given their own rules instead of a standard as well as a variety of random events are likely to occur when the event is approaching close.

The high quality of the game’s graphics is one of the main reasons players are immersed in the most brutal and thrilling combat. It also offers excellent optimization, ensuring that players enjoy excellent stability, even when facing various intense visual effects and many mon, the results of nature, such as smoke, weather, and others, will make every person’s experience more authentic and distinctive. They will show a distinct color that is reminiscent of World War 2.


World War Heroes is one of the best options if gamers want to entertain their loved ones with amazing and unique game modes. It is also continuously updated with new content like games, events as well as new weapons, and much more to broaden the range of the gameplay, excitement, and experience for players.


  • MOD Menu
  • High Aim Assist Enhances Aim Assist
  • Unlimited Ammo // Ammo doesn’t decrease
  • Hit Kill Kill your enemies with one hit
  • Godmode // Do No Risk
  • Check out the enemies on the MiniMap. MiniMap
  • Speed Multiplier // Increase Speed Speed
  • Unlimited Grenades // 150 Grenades
  • Unlimited Medkits 150 Medkits
  • No Spread/Removes the bullet spread
  • Increased Fire Rate Faster Firing
  • No Camera Shake // No Camera Recoil
  • FoV /Custom FoV / Create Custom FoV
  • No Fall Damage Don’t be adamant when falling
  • No Muzzle Flash // Removes Muzzle Flash Effect
  • Premium/Activated Premium
  • If you are a victim of an anti-kick, then you will not be removed from the game.


What's new

- New Battle Pass season "Battle of Greece"
- New weapons
- New map "Reichstag"
- New resurrection system for "Frozen Battle" and "Stalingrad" maps
- Weapon comparison tool
- Weapon and armor upgrade system reworked
- Changes in smoke and bushes mechanics
- New currency for purchasing skins – Voucher
- Maps optimization
- Minor bugs fixed

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