Universal Truck Simulator v1.7 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Najam, Saturday, July 23, 2022


Universal Truck Simulator Apk puts you on the wheel of different trucks and assists you with completing other delivery tasks. Although it’s not the most exciting game available on the market, it’s an excellent opportunity to understand truck driving and how these vast trucks operate on the roads.


Universal Truck Simulator is a truck simulator that lets players explore what it’s like to drive a truck across an extensive map detailed with 3D models of real-world locations and landmarks. You can select long or short routes. The game gives you a realistic driving experience. The controls are simple to master, while the images are authentic. The game can be challenging to master since you must learn the rules and master how to operate the truck before completing the lengthy routes.


Various axles, including 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4 trucks, are used within the video game. There are also a variety of trailers like log trailers, tippers, tanker trailers, and flatbed trailers. You can also paint your vehicle and put decals on it. There’s also a huge garage that allows you to modify your car to suit your needs. You can improve your engine or add a bullbar to your vehicle, modify your exhaust system, put on new wheels, and many more.


There are numerous truck brands as well. The most well-known brands are Volvo, Scania, DAF, Iveco, MAN, Renault, and Mercedes-Benz. However, many others are also available. There are many kinds of AI traffic vehicles operating on roads. Cities’ Traffic is also a part of the game, making it more real.

Customize Your Trucks

The game has custom-designed trucks for players to drive. The controls include a steering wheel, brakes, an accelerator, and gears. The interface of the game also has diverse camera views. Headlights are crucial since you don’t want to get off the road in the dark or strike a stationary object. There are a variety of trucks available via the app. It is possible to purchase these trucks quite expensive.

OWN Garage

Garages can be purchased or expanded by players and have more flexibility in choosing the types of loads they wish to transport and lets the player store several trucks. You can also alter your trucks to fit their preferences and employ other drivers to assist with delivery. The game also includes an extensive map of Europe inspired by real-world geographical features. Additionally, over 100 cities have their traditions and products to be shipped. The players must think through their routes to earn the most money and avoid getting stuck in traffic congestion.

Universal Truck Simulator MOD – Upgrade PARTS

The components that can be upgraded or changed include the engine, gearbox, turbos, and tires. There are four kinds of tires offroad, all-terrain, racing, and winter. The game has three map types: North America, Europe, and Russia. North America is the only map that features weather conditions. It also features an economic system that allows players to earn money by doing deliveries. The game’s goal is to become the most successful truck driver on the planet.


Universal Truck Simulator is a game on Android that recreates the feeling of driving on a truck. It comes with various engine types, all having real-time performance and sound. The game also has realistic weather, Traffic, and road conditions. The players can pick from a range of trucks, and they can also modify their vehicles by adding a variety of accessories.


Universal Truck Simulator provides a realistic simulation of trucking that is incredibly entertaining! Whether you’re driving an 18-wheeler dump truck or the ultimate monster truck, it can give you an experience that is as realistic and authentic as you’ve experienced. The game has the career mode, in which you can choose the character you want to play, use various trucks, and drive through multiple terrains. It’s impossible to get bored of the realistic physics in this game!


With stunning HD resolution, These graphics make the game appear as authentic as possible. Realistic sound effects can enhance the playing experience and help you immerse entirely in the virtual racing world. With so many possibilities to make your truck unique, it is sure to be addicting.

Views of Cameras

This game offers three camera angles and various challenging situations to test your driving abilities. You can select between medium, easy, and hard modes depending on your preferences. You can also use the options for customization of your truck and upgrade it. There are a variety of different levels to gain within the game. You can play in the background while driving on the road in real life and take road trips that aren’t necessary.

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