Silent Hill: Origins Android APK – (PSP / PPSSPP Emulator)

Silent Hill: Origins Android APK – (PSP / PPSSPP Emulator)
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July 30, 2022
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Silent Hill Origins is a 2007 survival horror game developed by Climax Action and published by Konami Digital Entertainment. It was released globally in late 2007 and the United Kingdom in early November. In a recent review, I analyzed the game’s flaws and weaknesses to help you decide whether or not to buy it. Look no further if you’ve been looking for a game that’ll scream “fun” to you.

Prequel to Silent Hill

If you enjoyed the first game in the Silent Hill series, you would want to check out the Silent Hills: Origins prequel. Released for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, Origins follows trucker Travis Grady seven years before the events in Silent Hill. During the first game, Grady is a truck driver who stumbles across a burning building and ends up rescuing a girl who’s badly burned. Grady then passes out and wakes up in the town of Silent Hill.

The game was developed by Climax Studios and published by Konami. It was initially released on the PlayStation Portable in 2007 and later ported to the PlayStation 2. It focuses on exploration, allowing players to go on an arduous journey to solve the mysterious deaths of the townspeople. The game includes both the natural and virtual worlds, with cryptic dialogue and bosses.

Lack of soul

While it’s hard to find fault in the core of this game, it doesn’t do much to live up to its classic heritage. It feels like a cheap, amateur attempt to bring the franchise back. This lack of soul speaks volumes about the game’s development history, with various studios having different ideas for approaching the franchise. In addition, Konami has increasingly shown a lack of interest in the series with the much-maligned HD Collection.

Despite its flaws, Silent Hill Origins is a halfway-decent game. The game follows the story of truck driver Travis Grady, who was detoured into the town during a tragic fire. Upon finding the girl, he carried her to safety. Grady then gets caught up in the events that will change the face of Silent Hill. The girl is a seven-year-old girl named Alessa Gillespie.

Controls issues

Silent Hill Origins is a survival horror game with a lot of gore and magical sound effects. The game controls are rigid, with the camera being hard to move in all directions. Although some of the characters from the original Silent Hill are present, Travis’ characterization is thin. The game’s premise reads like fan fiction, with no original ideas to make it stand out from the pack.

One of the most significant problems in Origins is its controls. You can easily switch weapons by pressing up and down on the d-pad, but this can be extremely awkward. You can accidentally move into a blind spot when you switch between firearms and melee. Ultimately, the game makes combat in the game challenging. It’s also inconsistent. The controls aren’t the only problem with the game, however.

Lack of scares

While the lack of scares in Silent Hill Origin may cause disappointment, it doesn’t detract from the game’s appeal. Silent Hill Origins is an excellent sequel to the original game. The developers of Silent Hill took the formula that made the original series so famous and incorporated it into the latest version. Those who’ve played the earlier games will likely recognize many of the same themes and locations in Silent Hill Origins.

While the lack of scares may be disappointing for some, it’s good that the series creators were able to keep players interested and on the edge of their seats. The game’s atmosphere is chilling, and its gameplay mechanics are highly satisfying, so it’s a good choice for fans of the franchise. However, if you’re a PSP user, this game might not deliver the scares you’re looking for.

Poor combat

The game’s poor combat system is one of its most significant drawbacks, as it focuses heavily on melee fighting. Travis can pick up as many melee weapons as he wants, and there is no item limit to amass a monstrous collection of deadly trash quickly. Unlike other horror games, weapons in Silent Hill Origins also break after you use them, so you can’t even think about strategy. Adding to this, the game doesn’t have block or dodge mechanics, which makes combat in the game nearly impossible to handle.

Despite its detailed environment and gruesome character designs, Silent Hill Origins’ combat is utterly unimpressive. The combat is also prolonged, and the game’s characters aren’t very lifelike. The PSP hardware limits the quality of characters, so the game suffers from poor animation, too. But the game’s other problems are far more pressing. Silent Hill Origins isn’t for you if you’re not into fighting zombies and other critters.


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