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Predynastic Egypt is one of the most popular strategy games in the market. It has gained a large number of fans all over the world and has some mods to improve the game’s experience. Among these mods is Freemod, which is very useful for the game because it will save the players from the mechanical tasks they must perform repeatedly. It will allow the game players to concentrate more on the game’s main objective: to win.


Predynastic Egypt is a strategy game in ancient Egypt around 5000 BC. The game lets you be a leader and lead your people to prosperity. You can participate in military operations with your neighbors, fight drought, and discover new technologies to help your people grow and prosper. Ultimately, a successful game can unite the nation and create a technological civilization.

Predynastic Egypt Mod Apk


Easy control system: You can use your finger to tap on objects and move them around in the game, as long as they’re within your control. This allows you to move and rotate your phone in ways that make it easy to control. This is an essential feature for a game that requires a lot of precision and a strong hand. In addition, this game offers an enjoyable storyline, which will keep you hooked from the first moment.


The game has many features that you will love. You can explore new lands and harvest various resources to expand your empire. In addition, you can face multiple epidemics, droughts, and military battles with your neighbors. Your ability to manage and protect a large population is important as their fate depends on you.


This historical simulation game follows the life of a nomadic Egyptian tribe from 5000 B.C. to the Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt. It will give you an in-depth knowledge of what happened before the Classic Egypt period. With various scenarios and historical events, the game will help you understand how early Egyptians evolved and how their culture changed.


  • Simulation of the ancient world
  • The technological evolution of humanity
  • Mysteries of Egyptian religion and culture
  • Reconstructed map of Ancient Egypt
  • Reconstructed city of Hierakonpolis


Predynastic Egypt is a strategic game that takes place during the predynastic era of the ancient Egyptian civilization. It offers players an opportunity to participate in several important events in the history of Egypt. Players will have to lead a detachment to the lands of distant lands, create the first Egyptian state, and overcome various hardships to achieve unity between Egypt and other countries. Players will also have to develop their civilization and learn about Egyptian history in the game. The game includes more than 100 inside-game events that players can experience during their journey through time.


This historical strategy game takes players through the history of Predynastic Egypt, from nomadic tribal life to power and prosperity. The early Egyptians conquered faraway lands and fought and endured hardships before establishing the first Egyptian state. Players must reenact historical events to gain intimate knowledge of the events that took place before the era of Classic Egypt.

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