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Oct 12, 2022
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Pirates Outlaws is a strategy game. It features different characters and challenges, including the Hard Mode. It is an exciting game with many things to do and see. You’ll need to use your strategies to get the best results. It’s not an easy game to master, but with some time, you will be a seasoned pirate in no time.


Pirates Outlaws is an action RPG with a unique combat system. Players start with a limited number of cards and a limited supply of ‘ammo.’ Depending on the character’s class and abilities, they can spend their ‘ammo’ on attacks and upgrades. Each card has a cost associated with it. Melee attacks cost nothing, while ranged attacks cost a small amount of ammo. When the battle begins, the cards are shuffled, and the player starts from the top.



One of the first members of the Anten Seven, Lelong, was a member of the Kei Pirates. Eventually, he joins Gene and Jim on a mission to salvage treasure from an uncharted planet. Unfortunately, the earth is inhabited by vicious creatures known as demons. Douze and his team must work together to survive and get the treasure.


Pirates Outlaws is a card game that combines deck building, affixes, conditions, vulnerabilities, and consumables. Its design aims to make it easy to learn and play, with a small number of cards and a simple card catalog. There are nine affixes and conditions and one or more armor charges. While this game is fun to play, it can be pretty challenging in hard mode.

Pirates Outlaws offers a quick tutorial to teach new players how to play. The game includes various types of mechanics that are easy to understand for both beginners and veterans. The main game objective is to earn gold and a reputation. To do this, you will need to note the location of various events and bosses and how to get to them quickly.


Pirates Outlaws is a turn-based card strategy game. It blends exciting roguelike gameplay with role-playing elements. The game has a fascinating storyline and includes 15 captain characters. Players use cards to build their decks, which help them win battles and acquire new weapons.

Pirates Outlaws is playable in various resolutions, including 4K Ultra, which runs 61 frames per second. You can also play the game at a high graphics setting to get 85 frames per second. The game is playable on multiple platforms and has a single-player option. Pirates’ Outlaws also support various languages.


The game allows players to enter Hard Mode and take on more difficult enemies. It is designed with six chapters that each feature different challenges. Once you have completed all six chapters, you will face the final boss, the Tavern Keeper. To complete the game, you must complete each chapter using the cards you’ve acquired.

As with any game, there are benefits and disadvantages to Hard Mode. The main difference is that in Hard Mode, you can’t use any items in battle. This has a lot of strategic implications. This means that you can’t use status-restoring items such as Phoenix Downs. In addition, you won’t have many options to restore your HP/MP during battle. Therefore, you will need to plan. It is best to carry preventative accessories like Warding material and Healing and Revive material.


Pirates Outlaws is a roguelike card game. It features 3 game modes, 50 bosses, and unlimited money and gold. There are a few differences between the standard version and the MOD version. First, the Mod can randomly select 5 cards on each turn. You can tell what each card is by looking at the number of yellow circles on the card. In addition, you can see what type of cards you have on your deck.


  • In Navigate mode, you manage your expedition on varied horizons to discover and battle pirates and outlaws that stand on your path. You can unlock up to 7 maps and chapters with their difficulty and secret.
  • Once the reputation reaches 9999, Hard Mode auto-unlock. Harsher environments and stronger enemies. Each chapter also has its unique challenge in Hard Mode.
  • In the dust of the arena, you will face every 10 battles powerful Champion. To reach the top, choose among the cards and relics from all 7 chapters—a place for all pirates in need of a challenge.
  • Test your strength and knowledge over a drink at the tavern. Choose pre-made packages before each battle and defeat the wave of pirates. After the 2 fights, they beat the imposing Tavern Keeper.
  • English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and German.


With this pirate-style action game, you’ll explore a vast ocean to find treasure and defeat enemies. The difficulty of the levels increases as you progress, and you’ll need to master your combat skills to survive. In Pirates Outlaws, you’ll be rewarded for beating each enemy on a turn-based system. There are also many achievements to complete in the game, including the chance to unlock treasures and win battles.


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Fixed bug:
1. Some text mistakes.
2. The ship didn't sink correctly in some situations.

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