PES 14 Android APK – (PSP / PPSSPP Emulator)

Najam, Thursday, August 4, 2022

FEATURES OF PES 14 Android APK – (PSP / PPSSPP Emulator)

PES 14 Gameplay

If you’ve played the previous games in the series, then you probably know the addictive gameplay of PES 14. But what’s new in PES 14? The game’s new gameplay system rewards building up play, intelligent darting runs, and clever positioning. With the new team management sliders, players and coaches can customize their team’s formation and tactics. The game’s improved physics engine makes it feel more realistic than in previous versions.


While previous PES games have offered similar controls, PES 2014 has a more complex design and features multiple layers of controls. The game is powered by Kojima’s Fox Engine, the same engine used in the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain game. Developers have focused on improving ball control moves and redesigned the collision system. There are also several new controls for goalkeepers.

PES 14 Online modes

With the upcoming PES 2014, Konami is bringing the soccer sim franchise back to its glory days with a series of new online modes. With new features such as Return of Master League Online and 11 vs. 11 Multiplayer Play, PES 2014 promises to deliver a more realistic game simulation. As a part of the new online modes, PES 2014 will release a free day one patch that will unlock limited features. A second patch will unlock the full array of online options.

Career modes

One of the most intriguing aspects of PES 14 is the ability to customize and play Master League, the series’ single-player career mode. While 2014 didn’t feature such options, the new Master League has a much more fleshed-out menu system. Training regiments can be individualized for each player, with the option to switch between a balanced, offensive, defensive, shooting, or physical training approach. As with other PES games, you can also change your regiments anytime.


Real-time sports games present a unique set of challenges. One of the most challenging is the clash between art and technology. While the main game engine is a typical Deferred rendering pipeline, the lighting system in PES 14 uses a physically based shading model. Real-time sports games need to closely replicate stadium reference pictures to achieve the best possible visual realism. This cannot be easy to achieve. Fortunately, the team behind PES 14 has solved this problem in various ways.

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