PES 12 Android APK 2022 – PES 2012 (PSP Emulator)

Najam, Saturday, July 23, 2022

PES 2012 APK

As a massive fan of soccer games, I’m always looking forward to new releases, including PES 12 is no exception. Although the physics of the soccer ball within PES 12 isn’t as fluid as the ones in FIFA 12, I’m still amazed by the game’s new immersive experience. The game has additional options and controls, which makes the game more fun than the previous version. Below are some of the new features and enhancements made in PES 12.

Features of the PES 12 APK


The new ball’s physics and ball mechanics enhance the gameplay. The ball is not “magnetized” to the player’s feet. A mistake in a pass could result in the ball being 50/50 or a physical collision. Similar is the case of poor cross-fields. It’s no longer a sure bet that one of the players will receive an assist. Yet, PES 2012 is still an excellent option for fans of sports.


The most recent PES game is among the top games on Android. Although the game hasn’t yet reached the PS2 quality, it’s undoubtedly made significant progress. The controls in the game are more responsive and allow excellent passes that lead to impressive goals. This update also addresses the issue of players who run in a straight line. Slow players now can keep pace with faster players. You can modify the game of your team by using a variety of options, like changing the distance at which you pass.


While the more recent FIFA games might offer the most variety, The game provides more depth and diversity. The game features new controls for off-the-ball that make the game more fluid and natural. However, the online modes are somewhat sparse in comparison to FIFA. However, despite these flaws, PES 12 still delivers the fastest, most fluid football experience. Here are some highlights from PES 12.


The UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, PES, and the D2 League, are now included in PES 2012. This year’s game features 30 stadiums, 17 licensed and 12 licensed but not licensed. The game also consists of a fictional stadium. The late—that of the Stadium Editor allows adding stadiums to their list. PES 12 is a superb title for football fans and handheld gamers.

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