Metal Slug XX Android APK – (PSP / PPSSPP Emulator)

Najam, Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Metal Slug XX Android APK – (PSP / PPSSPP Emulator)

We’re here to discuss the price of Metal Slug XX, features, and more. We’ll also touch on Xbox Live compatibility and the game’s guests. You’re bound to find something of interest here. But before we get into the price, let’s talk about what you can expect. Great Metal Slug games have spoiled us, and we’ll look at what to expect here.


The latest installment of the legendary run-and-gun action-shooting series, Metal Slug XX, returns to the battlefield for the PC. The game features many new features, including a devilish “Super Devil” army position, upscaled graphics, and seven distinct levels. To get a taste of what the game offers, read on to learn more about what Metal Slug XX offers.

The first thing to note about Metal Slug XX is its fully customizable controls. It allows players to map any button to any action, including fire and switching weapons. This allows players to adjust the controls to their preferences and make aiming and movement easier. Those looking for a more traditional combat experience will be delighted by this feature based on the popular RPG genre. There are also three new vehicles in the game.

Metal Slug XX Free

While METAL SLUG XX was released for the PSP in 2008, it is also available on Steam. The game is an action-packed shooter with seven new playable characters and hidden paths. In addition, this is the first game in the Metal Slug series to include Platinum Trophies. While the game was initially intended for PC, it has recently found its way to the PlayStation portable. This is an excellent opportunity to pick up a copy for gamers looking for a bargain.

METAL SLUG XX also includes Leona Heidern, a female character with a strong personality and special abilities. Moon Slasher’s ability is activated by pressing up on the directional pad, L1, and #. It can nullify incoming projectiles. Metal Slug XX is an action-platformer that can be enjoyed alone or with a friend in a local co-op or online via Share Play.

Xbox Live compatibility

You’re in luck if you want to play the classic Metal Slug games on the Xbox. The PlayStation 4 version of the game is backward compatible and also playable on the Xbox One. You’ll find a list of compatible games below. If you’re unsure which console you have, check the Xbox One version’s a backward compatibility list. If it says it’s backward compatible, it probably is.

The game was first released in North America and Japan in 2009. It was later released for the Xbox 360 and had backward compatibility for the Xbox One. It will also be released on the PlayStation 4 sometime in the Summer. The PlayStation 4 version of the game will also be compatible with Metal Slug XX, so check out the release dates before making a purchase decision. You can also check out the trailer for the game below.

Crossover guests

The Metal Slug series is rated M for manly, with some nerdy details. For example, the intro theme was switched for the Final Boss, and five tracks on the game’s OST were mislabeled. For example, the track for Stage 3 is mistakenly named “Snowy Road,” while it’s meant for Stage 4. A second nerdy feature in the game was a new enemy, the Octopoid Aliens, which resemble octopi and can glide short distances.

The Metal Slug series is a run-and-gun action shooting game from SNK that initially launched on the DS. A PSP release followed the DS version; XX is an updated re-release. The games were primarily grounded in military design, with a few goofy parts skewing toward Black Comedy. In the later titles, the game introduced Science Fantasy elements, exaggerated enemies, and character transformations.

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