Metal Slug 4 FULL APK v1.1.1 (Download Free)

Najam, Sunday, August 28, 2022


Metal Slug 4 is the fourth version of the popular game and is as funny and powerful as its predecessors. The new game requires a higher level of operation and more planning than previous versions, which makes it a great challenge for players. Its fun and challenging gameplay can even be dubbed the “Art of War.”


The Forklift Truck is one of the many vehicles in Metal Slug 4 APK. It can jack up when the player presses the jump button and stabs enemies with its front fork. The Forklift is very powerful and does massive damage. However, unlike other vehicles, it does not have a Vulcan cannon, so the player has to use its own “ammo” to fire.

The Forklift Truck is a fun vehicle that can be used to stab enemies and blow up things. It has a variety of weapons and can be a good defensive vehicle. If you like using a forklift truck, you’ll want to try it out.



In Metal Slug 4, there are many robots to defeat, including the R-Robot A10, which has unparalleled shooting skills. In addition to its unmatched skills, the game promotes safe internet usage for children. This game is available for Android and iOS devices.

In Metal Slug 4 APK, there are two new robots to play as. The Walking Machine is an upgraded version of the Mutated Soldier. It has slightly better mobility and a slight lift but is vulnerable to enemy fire. It is also equipped with heavy cannons and blades.


The bonus scoring system is one of the most enjoyable features of this game. The player can use a special gun to kill enemies. They can also destroy background objects to get useful items. The player can use these items to upgrade their weapons. Moreover, players will be able to win the game by having the highest score possible.

Another feature of this game is the use of grenades. Players can also use the grenades while they are crouching. Crouching will also give them grenades or cannon ammo. Moreover, a counter in the game shows how many rounds a player has left for each special weapon. Using a Vulcan gun, the counter will change to an infinity symbol. This game also features a character that has higher jumps and sensitivity.


Weapons in Metal Slug 4 APK allow you to kill enemies in various ways. The Vulcan gun lets you penetrate the enemy’s armor and remove their heads. This weapon can also shoot grenades. You can collect ammo for your cannon if you’ve smashed an enemy unit. You can also change the type of explosive you use by selecting the weapons menu options.


The game also features an Elephant Slug, which can shoot fireballs and lightning beams. This unique weapon can be used to reveal the Avatar of Evil in Metal Slug 5 or the Doctor’s base in Metal Slug 4 APK.

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