Metal Slug 2 APK v1.5 (Downlod Free)

Najam, Monday, July 25, 2022


Metal Slug 2 APK horizontal scrolling shooter offers run-and-gun gameplay that focuses on sabotaging the plan of General Morden. The game has a wide range of missions as well as modern vehicles to be used to fight. The game’s control is straightforward, and players are equipped to jump, shoot rounds, and throw bombs.


The game’s controls are modified to work with touchscreen mobile devices, making it much easier to operate. The game’s interface includes an interactive control pad on the left and three buttons to the right. The controls are appropriate for most players and come with many options for customization. If you find the rules difficult to master, you can go back to arcade controls and use the buttons or arrows.


The game comes with various weapons that will aid you during battle—beginning with a pistol. You’ll have to take on opponents one at a time or take hostages away before they can be held hostage. As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock powerful weapons, such as the shotgun, which can shoot at a concise range but can eliminate large groups of enemies. Some vehicles can aid you in battle.


Similar to its arcade counterpart, Metal Slug 2 for Android utilizes the same graphics as its arcade counterpart. Although the images aren’t the most impressive, they’re undoubtedly nostalgic. However, the gameplay is much more crucial. No matter if you play Arcade as well as Mission Mode, the game will be as thrilling and enjoyable as it was when you played in the arcade. If you’re not a massive fan of the original game, you’ll likely love this game as well.


Although Metal Slug is still a well-known side-scrolling game, Metal Slug 2 offers many new features that make it difficult to resist. The game will allow you to upgrade weapons, new vehicles, and a brand-new character with unique capabilities. There’s even the possibility of unlocking special cars called “Metal Slugs” that will allow you to enhance your weaponry. In the end, you’ll encounter an enemy to take down.


There are similar enemies like Mooks. There is only one difference: Mooks alter their attacks to blood jets instead of grenades. Additionally, you’ll find the zombie variant of yourself that looks remarkably like Amadeus. You can utilize your knife or pistol to protect yourself and other players and use different weapons such as nightsticks, tridents, giant forks, and much more.


If you’ve yet to play the first Metal Slug game, now is the time to try the game’s brand-new Co-op mode. The game has two modes, the Arcade mode, where players play the whole game. The other mode is Mission mode, in which you select specific levels and then work with a team to finish the levels. It is also possible to enjoy the game with a companion through Bluetooth.


Metal Slug 2 APK graphics have been improved. The game is now enhanced with options, animations, and detailed environmental elements. It also comes with sixty weapons available. There are new weapons and enemies in every stage. The first mission has an entirely new boss. The game also has more enemies, weapons, power-ups, and other environments. It also has hidden weapons, items, and even food. You can also collect coins!

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