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Oct 30, 2022
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Ice Scream 6 is a popular adventure game with a worldwide following. To help you improve your performance in this game, you can download the latest version of Ice Scream 6 MOD APK free from playstoreapk, the world’s largest mod apk download site. The mod includes the Dumb Enemies and Unlimited Ammo/Traps features, which can make your game more enjoyable and free from repetitive mechanical tasks.


Ice Scream 6 MOD APK is the latest version of the popular game Ice Scream. The new version is designed to be more challenging and exciting. Its features include many more levels and more powerful weapons. Moreover, Ice Scream 6 also adds more achievements and game modes. In this version, you can play as Charlie or J. You can also play as a robot or a mini.


Ice Scream 6 MOD APK introduces two new enemies – the Super Robot and the Mini-Rods. These robots will alert you whenever they see you, and you must dodge them to keep your ice cream factory safe. In addition, the game also introduces a new mini-game and an original soundtrack.


Mini-Rods are new robots that make loud noises when they see you and are very dangerous. If you get near one of these robots, you’ll be chased by them. In addition, a super robot is an upgraded version of a mini-rod. It’s much harder to deal with than a regular robot.


Ice Scream 6 is the latest horror game series and is now available for Android devices. The game has a complex ice cream factory as its setting, and you can switch characters to solve puzzles and defeat new bosses. In addition to being a fun adventure game, it also features new storylines and bosses, so be prepared for some scary surprises!


The new season also introduces two new criminal entities with unique abilities. For example, the Super Robot in charge of the kitchen is joined by the Mini Rods, who guard the ice cream factory and prevent the kidnapped kids from running away. The game also features a variety of characters from previous seasons, including the familiar Ice Scream heroes.


The latest update to the viral ice cream game adds a whole new world of challenges to solve. In addition to fighting evil ice cream makers, players can find new items to help them in their adventures. For example, a Mid-Rod Costume is an essential tool for the game, as it can detect important information and help you find a critical mask.


The game has introduced a new villain with unique abilities that will help you defeat them. In addition, you will find mini-robots in the ice cream factory that will follow your character and alert Commander Rod so he can arrest you. However, if you aren’t into robots, don’t worry; the game also features all the characters you’ve become accustomed to.


  • Character switch system: Switch between playing as J. and Charlie, allowing you to discover different areas depending on your character.
  • New enemy: Face the new Super Robot in this chapter. In addition, the Mini Rods guard the ice cream factory and will try to prevent you from running away and alert Rod if they see you. Prove your mastery by dodging and running away from them.
  • Fun puzzles: Solve ingenious puzzles to be reunited with your friends.
  • Mini-game: Complete this chapter’s most exciting puzzle in the form of a mini-game.
  • Original soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the Ice Cream universe with unique music playing to the beat of the saga and voices recorded exclusively for the game.
  • Hint system: If you get stuck, you have an elaborate hint window at your disposal that’s full of options to help you solve the puzzles based on your playstyle.
  • Various difficulty levels: Play at your own pace and explore safely in ghost mode, or confront Rod and his assistants in the various difficulty levels that will test your skills.
  • A terrifyingly fun game is suitable for everyone!


Ice Scream 6 MOD APK is a fantastic game that features various enemies. As you play the game, you will encounter mini-robots that roam the factory and automatically follow your character when you are detected. You will also face many older women roaming around in the factory.


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