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After the end of the American War of Independence, the French Revolution
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Jul 14, 2022
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There is a great deal of variety in European War 6 1804 regarding objectives and missions. Significant of the primary advantage of this game is that it allows players to access the sea for transportation. As an intermediate or advanced player, you’re probably already aware of how slow your units can move. Getting to your targets by sea is a great way to speed things up. Here are some of the most important factors to consider as you play.


Building a military academy and raising your country’s army are essential components of the Campaign mode in European War 6 1804. Using specialized troops to conquer cities is a critical strategy in this strategy game. The game allows you to upgrade national technology and army units while stabilizing the economy and people’s hearts. By building a military academy and army, you can create conquests of historic proportions.


You can choose to play as a single-player or multiplayer character. The game’s main objective is to lead your selected general through 90 of history’s most iconic battles. You can also hire assistants to help you with your strategy. In addition to hiring soldiers, you can also choose to recruit additional units to help you win the war. The game’s campaign mode is straightforward to learn and play, so it’s highly recommended for players of any skill level.

Depending on your preferences, you can upgrade a city’s military academies and national technologies. These upgrades increase the morale and strength of your troops. It’s essential to upgrade these cities as soon as possible, even if you don’t need new divisions immediately. This will allow you to recruit more divisions later on. After you capture a city, you can then upgrade your city’s industrial zones and markets.

General stats

In Europan War 6: 1804, players can upgrade their general stats quickly and conveniently. You can increase the available rank and boost production by upgrading buildings and structures. You can also upgrade your units’ attributes, such as health, speed, defense, and experience points. Here’s how to improve these statistics. Using these tips will help you dominate the game and achieve victory. However, remember that you can upgrade your units only after you’ve earned them.


Infantry and cavalry have different damage levels. Infantry units deal 50 to 75 percent damage to the city’s defense. Hence, they are an excellent choice for early-game battles. However, infantry and cavalry units are slow and costly to capture. Meanwhile, heavy artillery units can destroy enemy fortifications and warships. However, if you plan to use infantry and cavalry to take a city, make sure you have enough money.

The European War 6: 1804 game is based on the famous battles of King Napoleon. It’s a great way to practice your strategy skills and show your tactics on an enormous map. By strategically planning and mobilizing your troops, you can build a winning strategy and be immortal with your achievements. But don’t be fooled by its large size. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye!


Artillery units are generally assigned a tactical mission, and these missions define their responsibilities and relationships with other teams. The NATO terms for these missions are not universally used but are usually “direct support” or “general support” in the context of command authority. The lowest rank of artillery is a “gunner.” In some artillery arms, junior non-commissioned officers are referred to as Bombardiers.

Field artillery is a branch of the armed forces that can support other types of armies and attack targets in depth. Their effects fall into two categories: those that suppress enemy forces and neutralize their views or those that aim to cause casualties. Some types of artillery can be non-lethal, allowing the crew to direct the fire based on the map coordinates of the target.

Most types of artillery use fuel to propel the shell, which is always low-explosive, making it less destructive. The power is held in an explosive case, often called the “breach.” The breach provides a seal and provides a way to adjust the energy. While the barrel and the power are the same, the case and breech are separate.


While you can’t always prevent the enemy from advancing, you can use fortifications to slow them down. Building barbed-wire fences and coastal guns will make it difficult for the enemy’s cavalry to sneak through. Similarly, coastal firearms can be very useful during a naval battle. However, defending your infantry units from artillery and cavalry attacks is crucial.

There were several practical techniques for fortifying fortifications during European War 6 1804. You can take advantage of the height advantage for a fortified position. A siege can take a long time, even with many cavalry units. Fortified positions also offer the advantage of higher ground, which makes them very valuable during the siege of a city. However, fortifications can also be a disadvantage if your opponents are not equipped with high-quality weapons.

Britain also tried to attack Kronstadt by using floating armored batteries. This tactic helped to aggravate Russia’s position and resulted in unfavorable peace terms for both countries. The British also sent a squadron of three warships to the Black Sea in 1854 and shelled the Russian fortresses at Kola and Solovki. The result was a British victory.

General mobility

The United States is one of the few advanced countries historically exhibiting high levels of general mobility. While the current rate of absolute mobility is relatively low, it is still much higher than it was in the early 20th century. For example, if the 1980 birth cohort had more income than their counterparts in 1940, absolute mobility in 1980 would have been 62%, close to the empirically observed 50%. Furthermore, this scenario would have seen incomes at age 40 grow at a rate similar to that seen during the 1940 cohort. Overall, the result would be the same.

This is a striking difference from what is generally accepted in the literature. We’d see a much different picture if we used normalized parent incomes from 1943/1944. In the early 20th century, parents were about twenty-two years old when they entered the labor force. By 1950, the average parent had been twenty-one years old. If we used that normalized cohort, the average parent age would be 22 years old, and children born in this period would represent the postwar cohort. Moreover, we would remove half of the decline in general mobility, especially for women.

Battles in the open field

In the open field, the game can be very challenging. In this kind of combat, infantry units are especially susceptible to attacks from artillery and cavalry. Fortunately, you have options, and it’s not difficult to make the most of your infantry units to win encounters. Here are a few tips to make your infantry units more effective. First of all, don’t underestimate the power of a good defense.

An open field is an excellent place for battles in European War 6 1804. The game offers multiple gameplay modes, one of which is the Conquest mode. The Conquest mode gives you various options, as it takes you to a Europe torn by wars. You can choose from four historical periods and recreate the continent, expanding your empire to uncharted levels.


You can enjoy several game modes when playing Tactics of European War 6 1804 MOD APK. The campaign mode lets you participate in actual battles and mobilize troops. Several strategies are available to make your system a success. You can build buildings to improve your troop numbers and to repair damaged ones. Here are some strategies for winning encounters with infantry units. If you want to succeed in the game, these tips are for you!

You can select famous generals to command your units in the Campaign mode. These generals are unlocked after you complete a mission. You will start with Clinton and Jourdan and later open marshals and barons. You can also assign experienced warriors to command your units. While Napoleon may be the most influential military genius of all time, he’s not the only one with significant influence.

There are several game modes in European War 6 1804. You can select the one that suits you best. There are 90 significant matches across Europe and 160 famous generals. There are over 200 combat units to choose from, as well as 39 different technologies and 120 types of items to use on the battlefield. The battle map is large and features continents to fight on. The game is strategy-driven, and you will learn to use your strategies to the best advantage.


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