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You will try on a role of a saving planet fund. Get engaged with the activities which will affect the Earth’s future. Research, think, make your choice and see your results. Save our home and its inhabitants!
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August 3, 2022
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If you’ve ever wanted to help the planet save itself, then you’ve heard about ECO Inc. Save the Earth Planet. This game has real-world ecological problems, causes, and projects you can undertake to save the planet. Game First has created an educational game that combines real-world problems and environmental solutions. But is it any good? Let’s find out! So, what is it all about? Here’s a brief review.

Real-time strategy game

Eco, Inc. Save, the Earth Planet, is a real-time strategy game about ecological issues. It takes a closer look at real-world environmental problems and the initiatives of individuals worldwide to solve them. Players will gain a greater understanding of how the Earth works, as well as its natural resources. The game is available on Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. If you are interested in playing it, download it from the official website.

Real-time strategy games are a fun way to pass the time while still getting into a relevant and educational game. This one lets you create a unique world and solve problems by taking action and implementing strategies. In the game, you’ll find symbols with the names of different circumstances you’ll need to deal with. Simply clicking on the characters will reveal the game’s requirements and gameplay. You can progress to exceptional circumstances by completing specific tasks.

Educational game

In the educational game Eco Inc Save The Earth Planet, you’re in charge of saving our planet from ecological problems and disasters. The game is an exciting simulation, focusing on the causes and solutions to environmental issues. You’ll be able to save the planet while tackling the problems of pollution, global warming, and more. Game First created the game. Here are some tips for playing the game well.

In the game, your goal is to stabilize the ecological situation of the whole planet and bring it back to its former state. Each step you take has consequences that will affect the planet’s ecosystem. Therefore, you must think carefully and quickly to protect the Earth from environmental disasters. You’ll have to keep track of your loyalty meter. The higher it is, the faster your initiatives will be approved. You’ll also get statistics at the end of the game.

Edited with Greenpeace

“Eco Inc: Save the Earth” is the latest book from the bestselling Eco Inc series author. It’s about environmental protection and a global campaign against nuclear weapons. As a member of the Greenpeace network, you’ll be inspired by the organization’s mission and its impact on the environment. It’s a timely book for our time, especially as climate change is our planet’s number one threat.


Despite its environmental credentials, this new release from Eco Inc reveals the controversial organization’s involvement in climate change activism. Greenpeace’s founder used a former ecological activist to write a critical report on the impact of global warming. Critics say the report contains misleading information about renewable energy. Greenpeace’s mission is to raise awareness of climate change, halt the spread of infectious diseases, and conserve wildlife habitats.


What's new

Meet a new update!
- 3 new starting scenarios: Alaska, British Islands and Australia.
- Improved settings window.
- Premium users now get boosters every week.
- Other improvements and fixes.

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