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Nov 21, 2022
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Crash Dive 2 is a game that straddles the line between simulation and arcade games. It was inspired by real-life subs such as the German U-boat and the United States Gato class submarine. Unlike the original game, which was set in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, the new game takes place in the warmer waters of the South Pacific and the Sea of Japan. The game is full of intense action, and the visuals are distinctive.


Crash Dive 2 is a tactical and open experience that straddles the line between simulation and arcade games. It is based on a U-boat and a Gato-class submarine but takes place in the more tropical waters of the South Pacific, the Sea of Japan, and the Solomon Islands. Despite its simplicity, Crash Dive 2 provides more than I could have imagined in a sequel.



Crash Dive 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person shooter. It features a new map, faster travel, and more advanced radar, sonar, and damage-control systems. It also includes land-based opposition and weather. This game is perfect for any series fan; even the most casual players can enjoy it.


The game takes place during the Second World War, and the player takes control of a submarine to hunt down enemy ships and destroyers. There are several missions to complete, including hunting escorts, torpedoing enemy transports, and shooting down enemy planes. The game also lets players manage their crew and a variety of weapons.

The Crash Dive 2 MOD APK is an action-packed game that lets you take on the role of a naval captain and enjoy the thrill of fierce battles. This simulation recreation game has a straightforward interface and a radar that helps you identify approaching targets. This can be very helpful when you’re moving in a fog. You can even upgrade the stats of your ship to improve its performance.


Crash Dive 2 MOD APK is a simulation game that allows you to unlimited money and unlock all ships. It is set during World War II, where you are a sub-commander and must hunt down enemies, destroy enemy ships, and repel air attacks. This game offers realistic action and features real-life locations.


It is a type of defensive maneuver used by subs during WWII. While a submarine is technically submersible, it spends most of its time above the surface. As a result, it must learn to dive to avoid being attacked.

Submarines perform crash-dive maneuvers to escape an attack or avoid colliding with other ships. A submarine makes a rapid dive at a steep angle to avoid a collision with a surface vessel or aircraft. The sub performs this maneuver with or without an object attached to the bow.


  • Smoothly blends a submarine simulator with arcade action.
  • It provides the tools for stealth and offense; you decide how aggressive you want.
  • Complete day/night cycle and various weather conditions affect visibility and weapons.
  • Crew health and location-based damage affect the performance of your sub.
  • Optional crew management and detailed damage control (or let the computer take care of that for you).
  • Optional upgrade tech tree for your sub (can also be left to the AI).
  • Lengthy campaign mode.
  • Random mission generator for deep replayability.
  • Both randomly-generated maps and real-world locales, including the Solomon Islands, Philippines, Sea of Japan, and more!
  • Moddable game files if you feel like fun.


This game lets you customize your submarine and armaments, and you can also customize your crew and weapons. The gameplay is based on the era of World War II and offers an authentic experience of submarine warfare. You can also engage in duels with enemy warships and shoot down enemy planes. The game is an excellent blend of an arcade action game submarine simulator.


Crash Dive 2 is a first-person, submarine combat game from Panic Ensues Software. It features all the features you’d expect from a submarine simulation game, including fast travel, radar, sonar, and damage control. In addition to these features, the game also introduces land-based opposition and weather.


What's new

• Torpedo Spread angle and timing are now moddable
• Fixed overlapping HUD controls on some wide-aspect screens
• Fixed bug where side mission target ships would sometimes be invisible
• Fix for crash during Fast Travel

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